This whole being in a kitchen 7 days a week thing is starting to get to me. I feel like I’m about to go insane, but in a completely different way than usual. I think what it comes down to is my current conflict is all external. For once in my life my mental state is pretty clear. Maybe it’s the mood stabilizers(OK its probably due largely in part tothe mood stabilizers) but I have this vast amount of the world pushing in on me and I’m just waiting for the day when I go postal.

I finally had a day off today. well not really, I got out of work at one in the afternoon so it was like having a day off, but nobody was around. So I ventured into Boston alone. I went into the North End and got some coffee and some pastries, and ran inside to hide from the rain. Then it was onto Harvard Square to meet up with the family for a screening of Contempt at Brattle, which was a long excuse for my father to relive his youth and see brigitte bardo sprawled naked on the white carpet. Best line:
“I re-read The Odyssey last night.”
Which evidently only my sister and I found funny.

In other news, on my way to work today I came outside to find a squirrel perched on the fence in my backyard, eating an ENTIRE piece of toast(I have no idea where it came from). My initial reaction was to scold him for stealing, but he turned and hobbled away a bit. It was pretty adorable. I should have offered him some jam. The squirrels in our neighborhood are probably going to open a fucking sit down restaurant in our backyard if this continues, because after Easter a few of them had a chocolate feast when they cracked open some plastic eggs. My impending squirrely doom senses are tingling.