Last night was interesting.

In an attempt to squeeze a social life in somewhere between work and school I drove out to the Coolidge Corner theater to see Persepolis with Nicole and her friend Bobby(who is also my friend? Ish? He is a thing of sorts)
Anyways I slaved at work all day and stopped at one point to make them some cupcakes because I thought it would be cool and I was a jerk the last time I saw her for not bringing cake and talking about it incessantly, which is hard when you’re in a kitchen 7 days a week.

So I’m waiting outside in the cold with no coat for half an hour so I can buy Nicole a ticket and give her and Bobby their cupcakes(and chocolate chip cookies) when they finally message me(after the movie has started) saying it will be fifteen minutes more. So I wander up to the ticket counter and tell my little story to the people and the this lovely red-haired girl says to me:
“You tell your friends to fuck off and I’ll let you into the movie for free”
Which was just really funny, but I told her I simply could not do that because I was excited to see them beyond all belief and I really wanted to give them these cupcakes I had made them.
“But that’s just adding insult to injury”
“Would you like a chocolate chip cookie?”
“Come inside”

So I went inside and gave out all my chocolate chip cookies and they gave me popcorn and tea to warm me up. Then I had the most lovely conversation with a woman who turned out to be a curator of the Boston Independent Film Festival and she told me all about her favorite selectiosn then gave me two free movie passes to the theater. I mean really, as far low moments go this turned out amazingly well.


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  1. Okay seriously dude, I’m sorry for messing up the T stop. I thought the theatre was a lot closer than it actually was. And in your context you make it seem like we were blowing you off, which we weren’t, plus you got gifts out of it.


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