I’m having one of those nights where I listen to that same song over and over because it continues to suit the moment perfectly.

I finally went out for a walk last night. People keep saying to me “Oh I love walking, I do it every day!” Well you know what, condescending asshole, why don’t you sign up for a charity walk too? You know what I love doing? Not walking, and I have no problem saying that. I have severe knee problems, and every step I’ve taken my entire life has hurt, so shut up.

I actually had a ton of fun on my walk, because I went out late at night with my headphones on and just danced down the street like a madwoman. If this was 60 miles of dancing I’d be ready to go tomorrow. I don’t care if I’m in public and I look ridiculous, If it gets my training done. There was one moment though when I went past another jogger and I felt pretty judged. I don’t even own athletic sneakers yet, I was wearing my checkered shoes. I should probably get sweatpants or something too. I have to stop messing around. Regardless, you may officially refer to me as Alessandra Goddess of Exercise and feel free to imagine “Eye of the Tiger” is playing every time I enter the room. I’m going to do this!

Not to sound like an advertisement but you can still donate to my walk! I know you guys are all poor college students but seriously, put aside five bucks it could really help. If I don’t raise $2,200 I can’t walk.

I’ve been thinking about posting some of my real writing up on this thing, it would just be the stuff I’ve got on my computer so some of it would be old. Thoughts?


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