So today, after almost a year of having this computer. I finally figured out how to use the built in camera. Very interesting. I was saying to Nicole(Rather, I was saying to myself because she was away from her computer at the time) that it’s really the modern day version of cutting up a cardboard box and pretending to be a newscaster(with terrible 60’s hair). At least that’s how I felt.

And now here’s Mickey with the weather…

The news of my life would be rather boring. And quite difficult to shoot from tiny computer camera. But still rather funny.

I caved today and had a smoke which I should be ashamed of but it was better than sex at the moment. In fact, some of the noises I made on the curb may have been inappropriate for public spaces but I really just did not care, and evidently the old guy walking by didnt either.

I found out last night my little brother had never seen Vertigo which was absolute blasphemy, so we rushed out to see it at Coolidge Corner and a marvelous time was had by all. More on that later, I have work to do now.

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