It’s the calendar page again.

Today brought with it some fantastic news: My hard work actually paid off, quite literally. My school gave me an additional scholarship for my grades. My parents are attributing the scholarship amount to their loan on the cost of my car. I just paid off my car! Life just got a lot easier.

I was in a great mood and wanted to see people but I ended up venturing into Harvard square alone to run some errands and get some coffee. My celebration consisted of a cappucino at a random cafe and picking at some vegetables in a healthy burger restaurant. Then I ran some errands.

I was at Cardullo’s looking for specific plate supplies and I asked the man there if they sold the real Nutella, the kind not made with hydrogenated fats in a factory in New Jersey. They do not, which was disappointing. Somehow this question got me into a conversation with the man at the counter. He told me, in his boston accent, that I looked “pissed” and I explained how I was a pastry student and I was just tired from my insane schedule. He asked me my name,
“Alessandra”(why did I tell him that?)
and when I didn’t ask for his he told me anyways
He told how he works as a painter during the week(house-painter I’m assuming) and there on the weekends, and doesnt have much time either, except to
“play [his] guitar”
He asked me what I was doing later and I lied viciously about my amazing plans.

So my love life options currently consist of the dishwasher from work who keep asking for me and refers to me as “the little one.” and creepster Christian from Cardullo’s. Thing are looking up!

(Kill me)

I realized today that you are a lost cause, but that makes two of us. So maybe this could actually work.


Give me validation.

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