The Writing Process:

I calmed myself in time to notice him hook his thumbs into the straps of his bag and give a
Sighing(too feminine)
Heavy(been done/only when he is sleeping)
Shivering(it was cold)
Flickering (works with the theme of light)
Twitching(only when drifting into sleep)
Affected(this is going nowhere)
Bitter(he was happy, or something like it)
Finishing(not even close)
Last(he’s is still quite alive)
Exasperated(He wasn’t running he was standing)
Moaned(Right word, wrong moment)
Mumbled(Of course this only happens when something incredibly important is being said)
Prolonged(SO done)
Off-putting(a complete lie)
Forlorn(Come on, you can do this)
Fading(I so cannot do this)
Dreamy(did I actually just put that down?)
Searching(I was searching, scanning, memorizing, I was trying to remember it all and watching the words fade as fast as i could form them…)
Beautiful(thats just the eyes and lips)
Cumbersome(Why, dear God, why are you still thinking about this?)
Feigned(Because writing is a lost art)
Labored(because no one reads anymore)
Strained(Fuck this)
Trembling(I repeat, too feminine!)
Jittery(As far as I remember he wasn’t cracked out)
Distinct(yeah that’s really fucking helpful)

(Fuck this. I’ll finish it later)
(No you won’t)
(You know what? Fuck him and his Fucking exhale, who needs it?)
(You do?)
(I do.)
(Fuck. Mergfuckfuckshitfuckihatethisfuckgoddamnitjesusfuckingfuckstupidblastedpen)


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