I was staring at the little jars. The old prescriptions, The new ones.
The Stacks of paper bags from the pharmacy.
The hidden scraps of flimsy cardboard. The evidence.
Little red pain killers
Pink sex pills
Yellow Anti-Depressants
Blue Anti-Depressants
White Anti-Convulsion
Off-White Anti-Anxiety
Round White Sleeping Pills
Little Red Sleeping Pills
Big Blue Sleeping Pills
Someone Else’s Sleeping Pills
White Placebos
Yellow Speed
Extended Release Inhalers
Emergency Inhalers
Take this and call me in 10 days
Take this and schedule a follow-up
Take this and don’t drive a car
Take this and you’ll feel better
Take this and you’ll forget your own name
Take this and you will hate everyone
Take this and you will fall into a drooling coma
Take this and you will question whether you love him
Take this and you will wonder how you ever loved anyone
Take enough of these and you will buy a plane ticket to Paris
Take two of these to sleep
Take one of these to wake up
Take one of these to lose weight
Take one extra
Take this to calm the nausea
Take two of these to stay awake
Lose count of how many of these you took trying to sleep
Keep 10 of these in a jar just in case you feel like killing yourself
Take one of these for the hell of it
Take these the morning after. Hide all evidence.
Take these.