I have always found rainy days quite romantic, especially when wandering through chinatown and sharing an umbrella(rather “ambrella” as one hand written sign advertised). Bobby doesn’t seem to feel the same way.
I decided to spoil myself with some cake supplies. I cannot wait until they arrive, its really pathetic. It’s like christmas-except st. Nicholas is replaced with St. Honore. I just want to stay home all day and make cake.
It seems to have finally struck midnight at quebrada and my job has turned back into a real job, not just being paid to work 65 hours playing with buttercream. I have been having strange pain in my hands, they keep going numb while I sleep. I think I need to see a doctor but maybe it will fix itself. I should really go to bed now but I don’t want to.
I hope I caan get out of my house soon Im beginning to lose it. I havent heard from most people in ages. Though thats probably my own fault. I feel like I went away for a bit and convinced myself everyone was done with me. My anxiety has truly taken the best ofo me, and now I’m afraid to call. The fact is I haven’t told many whts going on, because I know it’s not an excuse. I knew how to have friends at one point, I don’t know what happened. (They will say “Oh,but how his arms and legs grow thin”)

I should sleep, I should sleep.


One thought on “Home

  1. I’m still here and I want to see you!

    I’m sorry I’ve been really busy and I usually have class when you’re free/not sleeping. What are you doing tomorrow?


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