I went to my cousin mickey’s wedding in newport. The wedding was nice, elegant but still low key. The dress was beautiful. But I have to say the cake was just…meh. It wasn’t necessarilly a bad cake, simple, and maybe I’m just picky, but it didn’t seem right. The caterer did it. It was only two tiers, separated by pillars(80s?)
They were frosted with buttercream and the sides were piped with a basketweave pattern(80S!) And it was top wilh a pile of fresh berries. This wasn’t exactly a small wedding, and it didn’t fit with the mediteranean theme of the dinner. It was just odd basketweave is generally just tacky in my opinion unless its very apprpriate, and its piped in a specific pattern in royal icing to create an illusion of really weaving the icing. This was basically a messy cross hatching of buttercream.I mean, my dad and I learned how to do it when we took a community ed class. I know I’m being the worlds biggest snob and I probably couldn’t have done the cake but part of me is just shocked they didn’t let me make the cake.


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  1. It's all in your reputation… you just gotta keep building it.

    “It was only two tiers, separated by pillars(80s?)” Hahaha so true.

    Awww I didn't know you took that class with your dad that's adorable.


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