My manager at the bakery is getting married, so a few months ago when she got engaged she joined weight watchers to lose a little weight. Our coworker Jenny had started earlier, and had lost 20 pounds at that point. It must be more by now. Slowly, every one of my coworkers joined. So I gave into peer pressure last week and joined online to try and lose the stress weight I put on, these ten pounds that keep jumping manically in and out of my life.
I haven’t lost any weight this week, I didn’t really stick to it, and I went to the wedding where I basically ate fettucini alfredo all weekend. But I have really realized just how unhealthy my eating habits are. I spend a lot of time grabbing little bites of candy at work without noticing, and I have a wierd tendency to binge before bed. I wouldn’t say I’ve been eating less, I’ve just been eating a hell of a lot healthier.
I also joined a gym. My big incentive here is really money, once I’ve spent it I have to go. I actually have been, to try. And strengthen my knees and legs before school. Its pretty amazinf, at least for me since I’ve never been athletic. Its really helped my insomnia and made a big difference in my stress level.
This is all boring but I’m excited about it.


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  1. Wow that's really lame that it has to publish when you remove comments. Now I feel obligated to reveal the comment out of the sheer lameness that something has to exist in its place.

    I just became an OCD grammar nazi and had to change “that” to “it” in “know I could do it”. Great, now everybody knows.


  2. That's awesome! It really is amazing how big a difference eating a bit healthier and exercising can do for your mood/how your body feels.

    I'm thinking of doing something similar because I really want to lose 10 pounds and know I could do it in like a month tops.


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