I had an oddly productive day today. I think my mother’s soul took over me because I had a sudden urge to paint the upstairs bathroom, a project she started atleast two years ago and never finished. There were a few random splotches left around the room, some in periwinkle, some an awful shade of light sea green. Now its all dark blue.
I don’t know why I felt the need to do it, maybe its some way of moving on.
I had this crazy idea for a moment that I could finish all the projects she had started then abandoned, and maybe write a book about it. I know I never really could.

I feel like she left me unfinished.

My sister asked if I was ok because I’ve been cleaning a lot lately. The truth is, someone has to do it. My dad works, and I don’t want to deal with him bitching about dishes.The work isn’t difficult or overwhelming, I really can’t complain. If only I could find a desire to clean my own room

I also went to the gym again.

And I washed a bunch of dirty clothes.

And I searched for a letter that I lost and really need to find.
Not any sort of romantic correspondence, just some stressful paperwork.

And now I will sleep.