to the man in my life

I wish you were home so I could do that thing where I call you and we talk about nothing in particular
“Right now? Well I’m eating some cereal.”
“I miss you”
“I miss you too”

I love that you eat cereal.

I like that we are still at a point where grocery shopping is fun.
I like that you get regular haircuts, but I love when you sigh and say
” I need a haiiiiirrrcuuuuuut”

I love that we are beginning to explore the world of active communication. I like that you write down everything you buy because it reminds me how proud I am of you for doing everything at once. Everything. Including all the things that make me so excited. Such as when you walked to the store last week and bought soda. That was perfect.

This is a love letter to you from my brain, which is frothing over with affection at the moment.


jesus christ

I’m working on a project due monday where I have to design a small cake for my class, and then make it on wednesday. The problem I’m having is that there are so few rules I can’t decide what to make, I’m basically trying to figure what my chef would like.

So I googled him.

It is so creepy what you can find about a person. I had heard a rumor that he married his student, and its true. The search brought me to his private facebook page, but hers was public. She seems so young, she’s only 30. They seem very in love. I guess. He was her “boss before friend before teacher before boyfriend before…etc”

Still, creepy

I thought I would really like him because he is french and its a cake class, but this class has been miserable in the first week. Though this coming week should be better since we are doing more decorating and less baking.

I had too many strange and strangely vivid dreams last night. I have to go to work.


New Year

There is nothing like a new school year to make me so nervous I stop sleeping and break out in stress sores. Every year this happens.

At least this year I have a bit more optimism, the worst was yet to come last september, but now it has left, and is beyond the horizon. The best is about to appear.

I have some things I’d like to change about this year, soem goals.

1. Actually type up my notes every night
2. Go to the gym in the morning before driving to class
3. Re-join the pastry arts club, for more than two meetings, maybe join some other groups.
4. Make friends, try really hard. Be willing to socialize instead of eager to drive home
5. Eat a solid lunch before class, bring a snack for afterwards. make both of these healthy.
6. Volunteer.
7. Take more initiative in class, even when the chef won’t acknowledge or notice it.
8. Make my bed every morning, it will make home nicer to return to.
9. Learn everyone’s name the first day.
10. Keep my apron spotless during class. Actually bring clean towels every day.