New Year

There is nothing like a new school year to make me so nervous I stop sleeping and break out in stress sores. Every year this happens.

At least this year I have a bit more optimism, the worst was yet to come last september, but now it has left, and is beyond the horizon. The best is about to appear.

I have some things I’d like to change about this year, soem goals.

1. Actually type up my notes every night
2. Go to the gym in the morning before driving to class
3. Re-join the pastry arts club, for more than two meetings, maybe join some other groups.
4. Make friends, try really hard. Be willing to socialize instead of eager to drive home
5. Eat a solid lunch before class, bring a snack for afterwards. make both of these healthy.
6. Volunteer.
7. Take more initiative in class, even when the chef won’t acknowledge or notice it.
8. Make my bed every morning, it will make home nicer to return to.
9. Learn everyone’s name the first day.
10. Keep my apron spotless during class. Actually bring clean towels every day.


One thought on “New Year

  1. Wow you got a nice list! Good for you actually writing them down, I was just reading the other day about goals in this book my mom gave me, “people who regularly write down their goals earn nine times as much over their lifetimes as the people who don't, and yet 80% of Americans say they don't have goals. 16% do have goals, but don't write them down. Less than 4% write down their goals, and fewer than 1% actually review them on an ongoing basis.” Interesting stuff.


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