jesus christ

I’m working on a project due monday where I have to design a small cake for my class, and then make it on wednesday. The problem I’m having is that there are so few rules I can’t decide what to make, I’m basically trying to figure what my chef would like.

So I googled him.

It is so creepy what you can find about a person. I had heard a rumor that he married his student, and its true. The search brought me to his private facebook page, but hers was public. She seems so young, she’s only 30. They seem very in love. I guess. He was her “boss before friend before teacher before boyfriend before…etc”

Still, creepy

I thought I would really like him because he is french and its a cake class, but this class has been miserable in the first week. Though this coming week should be better since we are doing more decorating and less baking.

I had too many strange and strangely vivid dreams last night. I have to go to work.


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