to the man in my life

I wish you were home so I could do that thing where I call you and we talk about nothing in particular
“Right now? Well I’m eating some cereal.”
“I miss you”
“I miss you too”

I love that you eat cereal.

I like that we are still at a point where grocery shopping is fun.
I like that you get regular haircuts, but I love when you sigh and say
” I need a haiiiiirrrcuuuuuut”

I love that we are beginning to explore the world of active communication. I like that you write down everything you buy because it reminds me how proud I am of you for doing everything at once. Everything. Including all the things that make me so excited. Such as when you walked to the store last week and bought soda. That was perfect.

This is a love letter to you from my brain, which is frothing over with affection at the moment.

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