happy fucking new years

I really don’t want to be on the roads tonight, whether I’m driving or not. I am exhausted. I thought I would spend the evening with my dad but he is going out with “friends” (which I hope doesn’t mean susan). So he has abandoned me on new years. I am not getting along with him.

I’ll probably end up falling asleep early. I’m just going to be cranky for a few minutes and then maybe I will finish cleaning the house or something.

Just give me five minutes then I’ll be over it.


So I went to the grocery store today after work. I drank a lot of coffee at work so I wasn’t feeling too hungry but about half-way through my trip I think my empty stomach began to take over. It wasn’t that I began to feel hungry, but I began to think “I want that!”

Here is a list of actual things I bought:

1. French toast sticks(I have never even had these before…)
2. Every possible variety of soy-meat
4. Tater tots.
5. Cottage cheese(what the fuck?)
6 Half price miniature christmas candy
7. SIX cucumbers
8. Two jars of pickles(am I pregnant? What is going on here?)

In other news, I have discovered (about 20 seconds ago)that my father lied to me about his relationship with susan thanks to various “XOXO” and such text messages left on his phone and I may have a complete mental collapse but. I think I will just let this information digest for a few minutes before I begin to freak the fuck out.

Wow I HATE him.


There is nothing like a cold winter day to make me long for Paris in the spring. Let’s go! Let’s leave! Just think, how much more momentous would an awkward pause in conversation be when stretched out across the table of a sidewalk cafe?