So I went to the grocery store today after work. I drank a lot of coffee at work so I wasn’t feeling too hungry but about half-way through my trip I think my empty stomach began to take over. It wasn’t that I began to feel hungry, but I began to think “I want that!”

Here is a list of actual things I bought:

1. French toast sticks(I have never even had these before…)
2. Every possible variety of soy-meat
4. Tater tots.
5. Cottage cheese(what the fuck?)
6 Half price miniature christmas candy
7. SIX cucumbers
8. Two jars of pickles(am I pregnant? What is going on here?)

In other news, I have discovered (about 20 seconds ago)that my father lied to me about his relationship with susan thanks to various “XOXO” and such text messages left on his phone and I may have a complete mental collapse but. I think I will just let this information digest for a few minutes before I begin to freak the fuck out.

Wow I HATE him.