I was just walking back from class when a guy walked by me with the loudest house music I’ve heard (outside of Italy) blaring from his headphones.
I couldn’t help but laugh, and neither could the guy behind me.

We struck up a conversation, and his accent pulled me in. He was about 10 feet tall and had shockingly dark skin.
He said,
“You can sometimes get ladies like that, they like the music. Some ladies are not like you.”

And I laughed.

He asked where I was from, and I returned the question.

“Connecticut, and before then Africa.”

“Where in Africa?”


All I could think to say was,


And he said

“Oh, you heard about that.”

As if it was all some rumor going around the school.

He told me how he came him through a refugee program 7 years ago, and how there can be no peace without war, and he was incredibly nice.
He told me his name was Phil, and he left me at the bus stop with a nod goodbye.

I feel like I just stepped out of a strange dream.