I just have to get through the next 52 days and then it will be summer. I think I can handle that.

I just finished taking a law exam that I may have actually failed, despite studying all weekend. Usually my schedule stresses me out only because it hinders me socially, but that is a sacrifice I’m willing to make in the name of education and financial stability. Right now I’m just feeling completely overwhelmed.

I was at my doctors and at various sections of Newton Wellesley on Thursday because I was having chest pains and shooting pains down my left arm. They tested me for blood clots and heart problems but failed to give me an answer. So maybe its just stress. Maybe it’s just a conversion disorder. Maybe my heart is breaking.

My advanced composition professor sent me this email after I informed her I couldn’t go to class because I was having chest pains:

Thank you for your note, Alessandra. Please get well right away. You have already used up your only sickness coupon in my class for this term. I realize that the university policy says otherwise, but you are too valuable a contributor to miss classes.

She is basically saying “you are valuable, so if you miss class I will drop you or fail you.”


Soon this will all be over. Soon.