It’s raining again, I think I’ve finally stopped caring for the rain.

I’m listening to my favorite Ray Charles song, I think he may be trying to tell me something. Maybe it is time for me to just let go of him. I am completely ready to do that. I think I already have. I know he already has.

Now it’s just a waiting game.

I lost my ipod, or it may have been stolen in the break-ins of the cars at my house(oh boo-hoo how will I ever survive?! WHY ME?!!!). They weren’t really break-ins since we don’t lock our doors. So I’m trying to burn some CDs for myself, and realizing I need to search out some new music. Hmmmm.

I have read the assignment for an essay due Thursday over and over again, and I still have no idea what it says. I tried asking my Professor Gabinger(the crazy email one), and her answer was a complete non sequitur. I am seriously considering just not doing the assigment. I am hoping she is like the teachers I have had in the past who I hated but learned a lot from. Right now I just hate her, don’t understand her, and don’t understand her class.

I have an actual day off on Sunday, and I can hardly wait for it! I have plans Saturday night to meet up with my friend Jason, and possibly some other kids from my last set of labs. Real plans to be social, amazing.

Maybe I am finally coming out of my hiding place. Maybe.