Everything seems to be going wrong. My schedule has destroyed my energy, my sanity, and the few remaining scraps of my relationship. Now I don’t even know if I will be able to scatter my mothers ashes. My family didn’t ask me before they schedule and I will be working, and its a Friday during cake season.
I know it will all work out but it is just another stress in a big pile of them.

They should really change the name “group project,”when was the last time anyone has worked on one where 99 percent of the work wasn’t done by one person? When?

I think I am going on a hunger strike until I am no longer responsible for taking care of the men in my life and they have to actually give a shit.

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  1. Don't go on a hunger strike

    I totally agree with the everything seems to be going wrong thing. Maybe this is too out there but I've been thinking recently whether or not it is because Saturn is in retrograde. It just seems like it's something more grandiose…

    Speaking of group projects I was just in one in the class I'm currently writing this comment in with a partner who completely BOMBED our presentation leaving me running around trying to pick up the pieces. Thankfully though you can sometimes go to your professor afterwards and get a better grade.

    Why are men so incapable sometimes?


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