Year of Happy.

So originally, my plan for my year of happy was pretty vague. Spread ashes. be happy.

I have realized that maybe I need to be more organized about this whole thing, So I have divided my plan into at least three phases.

1. Conscious Happiness

This will occur during the time leading up to the end of school (may 19th). I only have two weeks left, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult to try to remain happy. This phase involves
-Less bitching at work
-Trying to stay out of mean work gossip
-Sleeping more
-generally just trying to be in a better mood
-helping Bobby find an apartment
-Starting to get out of the house more

2. Self-Improvement
This begins on my first days off this summer. I know already that I will be a new woman as soon as the school year ends, but i want to make a more conscious effort. This involves:
-Prepping to wear my new bikini
-Reducing the amount of crap I own
-meditating again, possibly attending satsang or an RSSB event.
-Reading again
-Writing again
-Finally cleaning my house
-Finishing my sewing project
-Planning Nicole’s birthday

3. Fun, Joy, Love
This phase begins on my 21st birthday, when I need to take some time for me. This may include a bit of irresponsibility, but necessary irresponsibility. This includes
-My 21st birthday party(which has yet to be planned)
-My vacation to Barcelona
-My first night out with coworkers
-The rest of summer!
-Summer romance? We shall see.


One thought on “Year of Happy.

  1. Wow these are some great lists! Well thought out.

    And I'm on one of them so that makes me happy! Haha

    It's funny, I wrote something kind of similar today in my journal too.


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