Date with ATCB

So tonight went surprisingly well.

I thought it was just going to be one hour of awkward coffee-talk and then two hours of awkward sitting in a movie. Though it turns out we actually have a lot in common.

Though I guess his technical title is not “bartender” but something like “Director of Beverage Service” but ATCDOBS just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

We bonded over some really strange things, like our love of Pilot G-2 pens (OK maybe I got a bit too excited about the pen thing). He knows a lot about wine and beer and I’m hoping I can learn something from him. Finally being 21 will make it a lot easier.

I was feeling a little nervous so I didn’t want to eat in front of him. I have a tragic habit of making grand messes, spilling on myself, flinging food across a table. Especially when I’m excited(for example, when talking about the Pilot G-2 clicky pen…God I am so lame).

He doesn’t really have a sweet tooth which is such a let down. Might explain why he is so skinny. I need to feed that boy. I’m worried I might break him if I touch him.

I didn’t kiss him at the end of the night. I’m generally OK at starting dates, but I suck at finishing them. As usual, I just sort of jumped out of the car and said goodnight. I guess I got a bit flustered.

Though I refuse to give Jen and Chris (a.k.a. Chrissifer) the satisfaction of actually successfully setting us up. They’ve been trying for months. If I hadn’t gone out tonight they probably would have kidnapped me and brought me to his house tied up in the trunk of one of their (color-coordinated) cars. So we have agreed to mess with them and tell them it went horribly. Though I doubt I’ll be able to keep up the act, Jen can usually tell when I’m feeling stupidly happy.

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