The saddest puff in the world.

So this morning I woke up smiling. I was just feeling really happy, even though I didn’t get much sleep.

So, I went downstairs to make myself my current favorite breakfast. Its strawberry yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries. Yes, boring, but what makes it so amazing is the granola. It’s chocolate granola. I love an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, and this is the best one I’ve come across so far. I’m not a big granola person, but I am a huge fan of chocolate. This stuff is the key to starting out a good day.

It’s made by this company called bear naked, and it’s kind of expensive(for granola) so it’s a rare treat I buy myself.

So I go down to the kitchen and I’m skipping around smiling like a fool because today is going to be a great fucking day and I’m about too have a ridiculously good breakfast. I take my time cutting my strawberries perfectly, arranging them in the bowl. I head to the cabinet and what do I see? NO CHOCOLATE GRANOLA.

Ok I understand that this isn’t the world’s most serious tragedy. However, had you seen the look on my face go from cartoonishly happy to what my coworkers call the “saddest-puff-in-the-world” face, you probably would have started to cry. Or at least shed a single dramatic tear.

So since I’ve never seen my father eat granola in my entire life, this clearly is the work of my evil sister. She ruined my perfect breakfast and for that, she will pay!

Or I will most likely not say anything because my sister scares me.


One thought on “The saddest puff in the world.

  1. Oh my god. This all played out so lovely and then the saddest puff in the world face happened and I swore I heard eerie brass instruments play as if the granola was murdered inside the cupboard and this is suddenly some old school murder mystery film.

    That is the worst though. That happened to me with my leftovers from HAPPY GARDEN. Nobody even asked, the whole package was just taken. Greedy bastards.


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