and that was how Alessandra died…

Tonight I laughed so hard I actually began to black out. I guess it wasn’t so much laughing as it was vibrating. I really wasn’t getting any air and I had to literally fight to stop so I wouldn’t faint at the dinner table.

I was at union street for dinner and drinks with Nicole. Because of the whole fear-of-breaking ATCB thing I was quite content with my salad. Somehow Nicole convinced me to split the most ridiculous dessert ever…fried snickers.
So Nicole gives me this whole huge rant about how I have to finish my half of the dessert. With quite a struggle, I managed. It really wasn’t that great but it was worth the experience. So I started to tease Nicole about how she hadn’t finished her half, and when the waitress asked to take the plate I said
“Oh no, don’t touch that plate until she’s finished her half. “
So the waitress laughs and tells Nicole she has to lick the plate clean.

So as were talking, I look over, and Nicole picks up the rest of her snickers with her hands, and throws it over the table next to us and over the fence! I just stared open jawed for a moment before I began laughing so hard I was sobbing. I was curled up in my chair, shaking with silent laughter. Tears were pouring down my face. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t breathing, which made me laugh even more. When my vision started going out I grabbed the table just to force myself to breathe.

I have never seen anything like that in my entire life. The best part was, no one around us even noticed.

I almost laughed myself to death. Only I could do that.

2 thoughts on “and that was how Alessandra died…

  1. I must say, I appreciate that you responded to that by having a huge laughing fit instead of saying, “I don't know this girl” and walking out.

    I did not give you a huge rant, and you gave me an ultimatum, and I still had a full beer left. We were also perfectly positioned, it had to be done.

    Also, the table behind you that I through it over definitely noticed, if not got pretty perturbed. Thankfully they chose to ignore me and continue their dinner like civilized people.

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