I woke up today and the commitophobe in me unearthed its angry claws. Uh-oh.

Date two with ATCB was amazing. I was actually brave enough to eat in front of him! We spent ten hours together, it was a bit ridiculous. Good ridiculous. Even though I’m incredibly comfortable around him I also get really nervous and it creates a lot of awkward moments.

The dated started off really…adorably? When he got to my house he had something for me. It was a tiny bottle of pink champagne! Guess he read my blog…

It was the just really sweet (and also quite smooth) and I almost just laid one on him right then, but my inherent fear of breaking him set in so I held back.

This seems like it has a lot of potential, and some wierd part of me just wants to ruin it. Or disappear. I am amazing at disappearing. I keep asking myself what the catch is- there is always some sort of catch. Always.

So we have a coffee date in an hour before he heads to work. Hopefully this means I get to see him in his work shirt. He looks so nice in his work shirt. I will have to see how it goes.

I am meeting up with a German guy who contacted me on couchsurfing. He is studying journalism, I think at Harvard. He seems quite nice. He asked me to show him some Boston bakeries but I told him I would just bring him some fabulous dessert from my job. We are meeting at Bartley’s for burgers. Mmmmmm…so excited. His name is Justus. I have no idea how to pronounce it.

Wow I am queen of run-on sentences as of late. I plan on posting some of the pieces I wrote during my travels this summer. Though editing must occur.

Give me validation.

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