He’s perfect. I’m keeping him.

So I went over to ATCB’s last night to watch Singin’ in the Rain and try to squeeze some joy out of the weather. Mission: Success.

So I wake up next to him and we have a discussion of breakfast while cuddling in bed. I love how he talks about breakfast.

So he asks me how I would like my eggs and I give the obvious answer: scrambled with cheddar cheese. There really is no better way to have eggs. One major problem, his house in unfortunately cheddar-cheeseless. So, being all chivalrous,  he goes out the the store to buy some. Just for me! Ok well, he likes cheese as much as I do but it was the sweetest cheese related thing I’ve ever witnessed. He’s so considerate. I spend my shower time singing and melting.

So I get out of the shower and I find him looking all kinds of adorable as he unpacks his groceries. Then he pulls out a surprise for me-CHOCOLATE GRANOLA!

Well, if you remember my earlier post on the subject you know how strong my feelings on this subject are.

I instantly became so happy my heart was about to explode. He is perfect. I’m keeping him.

Then he pulls out a SECOND bag of the granola for me to take home with me! Where did I find him? Are there more of him so I can introduce them to all of my friends? Why am I so fucking lucky?

So the moral of the story is: I can absolutely learn to enjoy vanilla as long as it means I get a bit of chocolate for breakfast.

Lalala. My life is perfect.


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