Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin….Fuck my life.

I have so much to do today. Ok it’s really not that much but it’s a bunch of little tasks that become insanely difficult only because it invlves dealing with insanely difficult people.

1. I have to call my doctor and get her to fill my prescriptions, except this is complicated because one of them has technically already been filled but I’m going to run out before I can fill it again. This also means I have to deal with the stupid Keyes Drug people. There is a guy who is adorable and flaming and he always asks me about my love life and says how cute my ex and I are. I have yet to have the heart to tell him we broke up. So when he asks I just lie violently,
“Oh yeah, we are great. You know, soooo in love.”
“You two are so adorable.”
Yeah, so adorable.

2. I have to get my dad to sign some fafsa thing for school which always involves him swearing up a storm. I actually got him to the computer, which is step one. But I left him alone to have an angry fit. I will most likely find him playing solitaire in a half hour.

3. I have to pay my excise tax

4. I have to go to the rmv and actually renew my license. Any day that involves the rmv is bound to be full of fun.

5. I have to buy necessary school supplies

6. I have got to bake more apple (quick)bread because it was so delicous.

Ok, I can do this.