“I am terrified that I’m going to hurt him.”
I guess the fact that I worry at all says
more good than it does bad.

                 Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of me trying to run away quietly.

Today I lied to you for the first time,
but I quickly changed my mind.
I was determined to leave you wanting more.

I was too tired to carry on the conversation for both of us.
I drank too many cups of coffee.
I’m just tired of talking and laughing
Tired of smiling all the time.

I’m tired of introductions,
Re-telling stories
Writing things down that I’m
              Never going to remember.

My name is Alessandra,
I’m from just outside of Boston,
I hate running into people I barely know but
I am obligated to talk to.

Don’t you dare,
             “Hi, how are you?” at me.
Just leave me alone.
Can’t you see I’m busy writing something about you?

I am sick with a fever and a severe
Case of writer’s brain
I promise it will be out of my system by the time I see him
On Sunday.