My subconscious is all about it,
but the rest of me is sort of “meh.”

I am feeling so trapped by this routine, by my house. Not my job, I love that, more school. I hate it there. It’s such an effort to get down and back. I spend my whole day alone. My only friends are my professors. I think the lack of challenge this term is stressing me out more than taking 5 incredibly difficult classes.

These are the days I start thinking of hopping on a plane.

Coincidentally, last night I dreamt I was going to fly you to Europe. I had a map of the world laid out and I was drawing on it the places we would go. My hands became a bit carried away, and just decided

“Fuck it, let’s go to Morocco.”

I had the map in my hand and I was thinking of giving it to you but I started to panic. I was thinking I would just go alone.

This being a dream, I was suddenly on the beach in Lerici with you. The whole city was abandoned and kind of run down. We were thinking of trying to find the house that had been my family’s. We got lost on a side street and then I woke up.

What does it mean?


2 thoughts on “

  1. The sporadic nature of choosing your place of travel, and whether or not to give “you” the map leads me to believe there is currently a decision that you're battling or being indecisive about.

    The map may also be a personal metaphor for something.

    Feeling lost may mean you currently lack a sense of direction in some choice you're currently making in life. Or if you were targeting a specific family member it may mean you're not communicating with them sufficiently.



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