I am exhausted and freezing and if my knees swell any more I won't be able to hold them straight. But of course its day two of the holidays, and I will probably be at work forever. Not to mention I have to get home and try and finish my costume before working on the... Continue Reading →

Turning into my mother.

I just realized this design is so simple I could totally build it on my own. I have all the tools already.Plus, I could design the arms/backs to be removable so I have infinite options. And I could get the perfect fabric. And I could stuff it with memory foam and have the most comfy... Continue Reading →

The journey continues…

So, I was really really bored today so I decided to continue my quest. After travelling this far, I remembered a couch I had seen far back at Crate & Barrel. I loved the concept but I hated the colors they offered, and it wasn't particularly comfortableHere is the inspirationI love the concept, it is clean and... Continue Reading →

Love you forever, but you’re driving me insane

When I heard the song come on the radio yesterday I couldn't help but remember.                                I was 17 and I still loved you.I was standing on a balcony in Italy, overlooking the Alps. I was freezing. As always, I had smoked too many cigarettes.When I heard her singing I could smell the stale tobacco on my coat.... Continue Reading →

The plot thickens

So yesterday I went to the doctor for my yearly physical and it was awful and embarassing, but I'm being very responsible. Anyways, to make myself feel better I decided to continue my quest for the ultimate sofa. I had some luck at one furniture store and the saleswoman helped me design a custom, and... Continue Reading →

Now that I am actually feeling better I think my brain is so excited to be functioning that I can't stop thinking and its becoming overwhelming. I feel like I drank 20 cups of coffee.

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