Thank You Universe

I did well on all the tests I got back thus far, despite skipping some classes.

Tonight I decided to just screw it an move my brother’s stuff out of his room and start converting it into my living room. The painting phase has begun! (Next phase: dream couch)

My dad is gone for two weeks so I have the house all to myself

I have Sunday off which means I get to have a real Saturday night! Then I get a real weekend, and I get to go to Maine with ATCB. I also get to go to brunch, I have never had brunch. Since it is a combination of two meals, am I entitled to eat two meals worth of food? I don’t care I’ll probably be too excited about the concept to even eat.

I seem to have reconciled things with two people I had a bit of a falling out with at the end of summer.

I think I may be getting over the metaphorical wall that I put up to keep people away.

Today I set up an IRA and an investment account. It was nerve-wracking and exciting. It was hard to put away all that money and think of the fun I could have with it, but I feel decently responsible. I also think I deserve to spoil myself a little bit (so I bought paint).

There is a bottle of American Darling waiting for me in my fridge.

My life is perfect. Thank you universe.