Confessions of a crazed sick girl

So I guess the Universe heard that I had an actual weekend and decided to just stomp all over it.

To be fair, the trip to Maine with ATCB was actually quite fun.

Though, as soon as. I left work on Saturday and sat down on my couch to relax I began to have what I thought was an allergic reaction. It turned out to be some sort of plague.

Of course, this happens right before my vacation, and last through mid-terms.


So I was really good and totally toughed it out on our trip. Though once we crossed back into Massachusets I admitted that I was floating somewhere between agony and death.

Ok, maybe that is an incredibly-ridiculously-overly-dramatic-description, but I was hungry at the time and realizing slowly that this would mean not kissing ATCB. Tragedy.

So…did I mention I am super sensitive to cold medicine?

So I’m at home sniffling and coughing and wheezing(in an incredibly sexy way), ATCB comes to the rescue with lentil soup- my favorite food. I haven’t had it in weeks since I threw out all the convenience food in my house. Yeah, I know, he’s perfect blah blah blah.

Now, at this point I have taken enough medicine that I am shamelessly high. Cue the sitar music, because I was gone. This is why I only take cold medicine when I am in my house, preferably alone.

So ATCB prances in like Lancelot(if Lancelot delivered soup) and I go all googley eyed and become a whimpering-sniffling-lovey-dovey-mess.

Did I mention I was on a LOT of meds?

So I kind of curl up next to him on the couch and I try to nuzzle him with my head because I can’t use my nose since it is preparing to fall off my face. Something really wierd happened and I just started attacking him with cheesy lovey ranting.

Note to self:
Boyfriend + Food = good decision
Boyfriend + Wine = great decision
Boyfriend + Cold Medicine = bad bad decison

The poor guy. He probably thinks I have gone completely insane and become that girl.

I seriously could have just gone on all night telling him how perfect he is, breaking only for an occasional coughing fit.

I am so grossed out by myself.