Love you forever, but you’re driving me insane

When I heard the song come on the radio yesterday I couldn’t help but remember.
                                I was 17 and I still loved you.

I was standing on a balcony in Italy, overlooking the Alps.
I was freezing.
As always, I had smoked too many cigarettes.

When I heard her singing I could smell the stale tobacco on my coat.
     I could taste it.
I could see my breath sigh its way into the evening.

          God, I really missed you.

Its so strange how vivid some memories are.
Flash forward and I’m standing in the airport:

                                 It was New Year’s Eve.

I called to tell you I wanted you back.
         I called to tell you I had a bottle of champagne.
               You answered and told me you had plans with someone else.

I didn’t know I still had any thought of you left.
Guess I was wrong.

    I’m so glad I left you.


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