The journey continues…

So, I was really really bored today so I decided to continue my quest.

 After travelling this far, I remembered a couch I had seen far back at Crate & Barrel. I loved the concept but I hated the colors they offered, and it wasn’t particularly comfortable
Here is the inspiration
I love the concept, it is clean and simple. It was really uncomfortable because the cushions are made with some recyled materal roughly as comfortable as sitting on a rock.
I also didnt like that it had no arms. This is a couch for miserable people with no elbows.

Unfortunately, since I have not only one but two elbows this just wont do.
So I’m having my own made, but there are so many options for pieces I cant decide!However, I have foud several companies who offer a similar product and specialize in very customized furniture.
So here is the new concept:
    A sectional couch made up of a series of modular cubes (or rectangles) that can be assembled or reassembled in a lot of ways.
I have made a chart of some of my thoughts. Each piece also works alone as a chair.
I also offered some of the colors I am considering so you can imagine them better.

Which is your favorite or which pieces would you buy and how many of each?


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