Potential Side Effects.

If I watch Manhattan I will:

1. Be madly in love.
2. Feel broken hearted.
3. Be lost in a black and white film for a week.
4. Have a severe case of writer’s brain all night.
5. Probably have a sudden desire to quit life and write a novel, but end up writing letters I will never send.
6. Have to break out my Gershwin records.

Watch out people.


Oh yeah…

Beverage presentation prepped. I am so ready.

Beverage Exam, I am going to destroy. I have been dating this exam for the past few months, I know every inch of it at this point.

What’s that you say? Manhattan is an option for my film paper? The film I know so well? That’s available for instant watch on Netflix? Oh ok, thanks for making my life easy.

My work for the marketing presentation was more complete than I thought, so my share(for the powerpoint at least) is done. Now to attack that 50 page paper….

Either way I can suddenly breathe.


My to do list for today:

1. Go to macro and pretend to take notes while I go over my beverage presentation and study for my beverage test.

2. Go to beverage and give the presentation then rush through my test

3. hopefully have enough time before accounting to pick and watch a 10-minute movie clip from the list of acceptable films to write my final paper/scene analysis for film

4 Write my paper during accounting.

5. This is where it gets complicated: I have to try and see Jason because it’s his mothers birthday and I would be the worst friend ever if I wasn’t there.I also have to make wednesday night dinner for my dad. I also have to finish my presentation for marketing tomorrow. I am thinking I can hang out with jason while simultaneously working on the presentation. I should just send my dad into Lumiere with a note attached to his shirt that says “Dear Adam, please feed me” and attach a blank check.
6. Slowly cry myself to sleep before I do it all again tomorrow.