Events of the past 48 hours that made an overly-dramatic impact on my emotions.

1. ATCB and I were  in the corner table at the bar we went to on our first date. He stared me dead in the eye (as always) and I didn’t look away for a good minute and a half before he finally says,
“Are you waiting for me to kiss you?”

For future reference, I am always waiting for you to kiss me.

2. I was snooping through the pile of catalogs on ATCB’s dining room table, when I saw the glasses (as in dishes, not eyewear) that Bobby had been looking for since about date three of our relationship. I set down my hot chocolate, shuffled over to ATCB’s bedroom, grabbed my phone, and hit the(as yet unchanged) speed dial 2. Four rings in, I realized what I was doing.

Right as I was about to hang up he picked up.

It was almost 11 o’clock. So I had to tell him that late on a Sunday night I was up thinking about his glassware aspirations. I tried to drop Adam’s name as many times as humanly possible. I am so thick sometimes.

3. Since I am effectively imprisoned in my home for the winter, I now have way to much free time on my hands. I am in the process of cleaning out, reorganizing, redecorating, and fixing up the top floor of my house. Within a 20 minute span I came across my mother’s perfume, a vial of her ashes, a lock of her hair, and a random piece of lined paper with useless notes she had written on it. Cue vociferous sniveling.

4. Last week I decided that it is high time I start dressing the way I have always wanted to. So I began shamelessly ordering dresses online. Tonight I got a phone call from the company I ordered 8 dresses from telling me that one would be out of stock for a few weeks, and asking if I would like to cancel my order or wait. After agreeing to wait the extra time I said,
“So, this is the point in the phone call where I should really be a giant bitch in hopes that you will give me a discount. But I don’t really want to. I could probably make up some story about how I needed that dress for a big party that is now ruined. But, instead I’m just going to ask you to pretend I did that and see if you can give me some sort of fabulous discount. Can you?”
She laughed, and got her manager to give me 40% off the dress.

2 thoughts on “Events of the past 48 hours that made an overly-dramatic impact on my emotions.

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  1. Did you really have a two part #2?

    I really want to know what happened after he said that. meerrh.

    I was so sad yesterday thinking about how you can't visit me anymore. 😦

    Yessssss to dressing it up! That is so exciting!


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