School starts again in(oh God) two days. Of my 8 million goals for this summer I haven't completed any. In fact, yesterdays goal was just go to the gym to relieve stress. Instead I went home and continued my work on plated desserts for my portfolio until it was insanely late. I knew that I had a wedding cake to decorate today(let alone Saturday work) and I was too tired to prep my supplies for the cake, or to clean the mess I made of the kitchen. The huge mess. I was actually keeping clean most of the day but once I hit the point of so tired my vision stops working I just left everything as is and attempted to go to sleep. But cake-panic set in and I got about an hour last night. Then I worked a full day before making the cake which I thought would take 2 hours but ended up taking 5. FIVE. And now I still can't sleep but I must. Agh


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