He asked me,
Have you ever wanted to say,
“Fuck it all”
Run away to the wildness of Vermont?

I’ve had those moments.
New York has always been the place I wanted to run to.

I’ve been daydreaming relentlessly.
Mentally, I’ve been standing
On the rocks at Halibut Point
Since four in the morning.

All day I could taste the salt.


When in doubt, turn left(continued)

I have grown weary of this concept, perhaps I will resurrect it later. Until later, here is what else there is. I just don’t think the story is clear. The story is there, though.

So, you can guess which way I went.
Stumbled in to the arms of the wrong one,
Followed him around corners
Into his bedroom.
Spent the next day washing wine from my system.
Retraced my footsteps,
Tried to
Tripped over 2 a.m.
Bruises he left.
Past midnight glass of wine,
Before four cocktails in,
To 10p.m.
To my decision.

I thought of the man I’d turned from,
Run from.
The right one?
The other one.
Who teased me for the way
I protect my chest with my hands
When I speak
I said,
I think you’re confusing
My heart and my breasts.

I called him
Offered up a French 75 and apologized
When he asked about that night.
I lied.
I turned left.