Please, remind me of my resolution.

I saw her for the first time in a long time
Everyone seemed inclined to inform me
(warn me)
Of the precise location she was standing
From the moment I walked in.

Was drinking red wine,
The pattern on her tie
The one on her pants, though
Said she had tried,
But I’d venture a guess
Preferred it like this,
Just a bit off.
Had too many things in her pockets and
They stuck out from her body like
Drawers left open on a nightstand
While searching for something lost.
Had cut her hair in a rather nice way and
When she said,


It sounded like an exhale.
Has that way about her.

Don’t know what I’m hoping for
Though, I wouldn’t mind a sign
Keep pocketing the postcards
People hand me on the train.
I keep waiting
Wasting time
I should spend writing poems,
Just writing about him.

Sirens, continued.

He says,
Meet me at these coördinates
We’ll get drunk, make love
Then write about the moonlight
I’m not much of a sailor
But I’ve been tying knots
In his limbs for weeks.
Would kiss his wounds
With salted lips
Could make love from this mistake
Abandon my map.
Should probably turn back.

He pulls words from my skin
Knocks over my ink well
Holds me under till I drop my pen.
He asks me when I finally will.
Give in.