Greetings From Vienna’s Resident Horny-Chaos-Demon: Yours Truly.

I'm unfed, but I'm caffeinated.Plied with rice milk and coffee.You’re anxious, over-educated,And unbearably pretty. Scenes from a sunlit bachelor pad:A corner bed-frame, comic booksDry soap, a broken shower head,Scraggy towels, a single hook. You’re as broken as the rest,But you get away with it.I'll leave in a minute, gorgeous,Let me look at you for a... Continue Reading →

You’ll have a Boston accent in no time.

I walked myself home from the date, alone.Past the silhouettes of a couple breaking up beneath the metal staircase at the construction site.Backlit by the street-lamps on the square, Snippets of her exasperation reverberating against the steel. Cold air and echoes of argument.  I’ve done the whole flustered-but-adoring-academic routine before.Perfected the art.I could write a thesis... Continue Reading →

The hill I will die on is that I am not walking up that fucking hill with you.

Sunday, 12:59 p.m. I think I can see it, the end. There exists an illusion we face towards the exit, wherein the tunnel seems longer for a moment, Stretching out towards the light. Where we can slow down, hold our breath, and decide. I say this every Sunday. The I'm done with him mantra. But,... Continue Reading →

Christ, the man brought me a flower. Not flowers, a flower, a living breathing thing begging to be a metaphor.

God, I must be so convenient for you. I want to be careful.No,- I want to be adored.I am absolutely incapable of being careful, and relentlessly capable of care. You son of a bitch, you brought me a flower.Not flowers.Not some thing I can appreciate and let shrivel up by WednesdayLike ten bucks of affection... Continue Reading →

Olfactory Conundrums of a Hum-drum Existence

My shoulders smell like your sweat. I should soap up, Should wash you out. I’m sacred enough I’m decently dirty. Latex and lubricant scented everything, All my corners, how you’ve kissed them clean. What a thing to bend to, Each joint angled toward a lustful embrace with your mouth. I don’t even know you, And... Continue Reading →

Operation Over-Under

It would seem that I'm an insatiable minx,Suggestively bruised,"Did I give you that scratch?" Just a bit of sweatBetween acquaintances. A bit of latex, and little left to the imaginationI'm having a delightful time,Save for the occasional sore throat.Though, perhaps I should practice more subtlety,Lest my reputation precede me. She makes a grand entrance, a... Continue Reading →

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