Musings Borrowed from my New Moleskin

I think cute stationary store workers are to me as cute baristas were to my ex-husband: catnip. Perhaps my taste in men (and women) really hasn’t changed. I am still lingering in paper shops, preposterously overdressed. Still waiting patiently after the cutie behind the counter deduces my discontent with the color selection of moleskin journals... Continue Reading →

Sex so hot we almost burned the house down. No, seriously, there was a literal fire.

Proud of my neurotic little self for buying a fire extinguisher, since it saved my apartment yesterday. I am an anxious mess but I always say I am good in an emergency…and I am. Anyways, after an evening of cooking Christmas dinner with the Kid, we were distracted in the bedroom, when I heard a... Continue Reading →

Health Code Violations of Hallmark Christmas Bakeries

Christmas in Love Nick, evil CEO, is in town to buy out Ellie’s Christmas Kringle factory. He’s exchanged his Big-City-Italian-Suit for an appropriate uniform, complete with shoe covers, hair net, and gloves. Ellie, on the other hand, is in full Christmas glam- her long blonde hair free-flowing into those Christmas Kringles. Yummy. Evidently, her homespun... Continue Reading →

I knew it wasn’t working, when I had no idea what to get him for Christmas.

I went Christmas shopping with my friend D. today, in search of stocking stuffers and an escape from the confines of our respective apartments. We found ourselves in front of the Tom Ford counter, and she gave me the eye. "Didn't the guy wear...?" "Yeah. He did. But I am not thinking about him. Definitely... Continue Reading →

I’m no Nicky Arstein, it seems. But I still love yellow roses.

You're not possessive, at least not so far, but when I set a risqué post to draft- I realized I was curating my smut. That perhaps we have something going that I don't want to risk fucking up. This cursed blog has always been a corner for unedited musings, reckless abandon, and the heart-on-my-sleeve ramblings... Continue Reading →

Eurydice: An Extremely Exciting Update

EURYDICE IS BLOOMING! Okay, perhaps she isn’t blooming, but this little troublemaker is growing flower buds! She’s budding! In mid-December! A Christmas miracle! My little minx, joyful and abundant despite the cold. I am so fucking proud of her. I am so proud of myself. I have never kept a plant alive let alone coaxed... Continue Reading →

Good sex, in my opinion, is often devoid of bells and whistles. It’s both an out-of-body and acutely in-body experience. I am both on another plane of existence and deeply grounded in my being, every dermatome firing at random.

“If you want to kiss me you have to stop smiling so much.” We’re back at my place, we escaped from the cold weather and the heated protests. First date, lockdown style. We walked through the center and bought some Punsch, and encountered a woman holding a flaming torch. “So…do you want to go back... Continue Reading →

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