Dinner with the Gentleman Fuckboi

“My mother made me promise not to sleep with you. She says I am a fuckboi.”

“Are you?”

“I like to say I am a man for everything. I am good to all my girls.”

“All your girls? How many are there?”


“Your mom is right.”

An evening of polite company, filthy conversation, and fantastic food. Such a good boy, keeping his promise to his mom, and serving dinner like an absolute gentleman. If he can’t ruin me for other men, he can at least ruin me for other chefs.

“Your mom is a good woman, looking out for me. Though I expected I would get a similar lecture from her- she’s heard me talk.”

“Well, you don’t just bring anyone to Thanksgiving.”

“I know, that’s why I brought him, but he blew me off the next day.”

“He’s the eleventh man.”


“Ten men give a woman all the attention and compliments, and the eleventh man ignores her, who do you think she wants?”

“Fuck. Yeah, he’s the eleventh man. But fuck that shit- I want the first man!”


„For the first kiss I am a believer in the 90/10 rule, I’ll go 90% of the way, but the woman should close the last 10%“

“A sound ratio.”

“Okay. I mean, how big can it actually be? Don’t show me, tell me.”

“I wouldn’t!”

“You would be surprised what men will do. Actually, you wouldn’t be surprised.”

“Well, I gave you my answer, so what makes sex good for you?”

“A woman who can take it.”

“Yeah, you want to ruin the woman for other men, not ruin ‘all men’ for the woman.”

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