Video: “Annalena & The Sign”

One of my readings from the Vienna True Story Night on June 23rd. The end of the video was cut off but I pasted the text of the ending below the video. The ending: "It was not a date. But, I invited her to the show tonight, and she's here. I figure in two... Continue Reading →

A Performance

This Thursday am one of the featured performers at Vienna’s True Story Nights! Presale tickets are going fast so get yours now, a limited number will be available at the door. Thursday, June 23rd, 19:30 at Shebeen Tickets and Info here

A Proposal of Marriage

He said, "You know in some cultures, all I have to do is hang my hammock next to yours, and we'd be married." I replied, "In our culture, we are already legally married" "I'm just saying, I would hang my hammock next to yours" "That is the cutest thing ever, until we both clumsily fall... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Moon

The full “strawberry moon” is tomorrow, but someone in a group I am in said to go see it tonight. So I got out of bed and walked to the park to see it, it was too low in the sky for a view at first so I tried at a hotel I know here,... Continue Reading →

Happy Pride!

Fuck. I never touched a cigarette tonight but I smell like smoke and other women. How am I going to get you to kiss me tomorrow?How am I going to wash the scent of other men and women from my hair? How will I wash away the bruises of a being pushed against the bar,... Continue Reading →

Over the Alte Donau and Far Away

I have a recklessly stupid crush and it's made me absolutely useless. Honestly, just take me out to pasture and shoot me: I am a horse with a broken leg. I am a rabid dog. I am beyond saving. My dad has this whole thing, where he says if he ever gets dementia or Alzheimer's... Continue Reading →

It was a dark and stormy night…

Rather, it is a dark and stormy night in Wien, and what better time to break in my new Marilyn pen and a new journal that's been sitting on my bookshelf, looking for a reason to be of use. What better way to do so than by candlelight, in the midst of a June thunderstorm,... Continue Reading →

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