Over the Alte Donau and Far Away

I have a recklessly stupid crush and it’s made me absolutely useless. Honestly, just take me out to pasture and shoot me: I am a horse with a broken leg. I am a rabid dog. I am beyond saving.

My dad has this whole thing, where he says if he ever gets dementia or Alzheimer’s I am not to put him in a home, rather I must lead him out into the woods and just leave him there to die. The Hansel and Gretel treatment, he calls it.

Anyways, I cannot be trusted to be of sound mind anymore. Lead me out into the woods, Hansel and Gretel me. I will die when I find a gingerbread house and I am unwilling to gluten myself, so I go right into the witch’s oven trying to clean it, or to teach her how to improve her gingerbread baking technique so as to withstand the weather.

I am good for absolutely nothing but gingerbread architecture and whining about the fucking pointless dead-end crush that has taken over my brain..I have been trying to outrun it, to swim across the Alte Donau just to escape it.

I’ve never been much of a swimmer.

In which case,

Why don’t you stay here a little while?
I have room on my blanket for us both,
I have a nice little spot in the shade.

You bring the sun to this city,
It’s unbearable, really.

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