Happy Pride!

I never touched a cigarette tonight
but I smell like smoke and other women.

How am I going to get you to kiss me tomorrow?
How am I going to wash the scent of other men and women from my hair?

How will I wash away the bruises of being pushed against the bar, against the wall, against a thigh? Against everything but you.

Everyone in Vienna kissed me today,
except you.
You seem so shy, that I refuse to make the first move.
So, lay one on me, or fuck off.

“Lay one on me” is American slang for: kiss me passionately.
It’s American slang for saying,
“Alessandra, can I kiss you?”
and then running your hands through my hair,
and pulling my face towards yours, and kissing me.

Is American angry-keyboard-gravity-stomping-dialect for:
“Why haven’t you kissed me already?!”

So, what I am saying is:

Why haven’t you kissed me already?

Give me validation.

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