Some Small Musings From the Past Few Weeks

“Love is a lost & found box. It’s an exercise in finding a home for your heart, of letting it be stolen sometimes, and more often than not, of admitting that your wife was right.”

“He knows how to pick a bottle of wine. We drank a red with legs like a Raymond Chandler character.”

“I have started a rather intense love affair with the sea monster of the Alte Donau.
He holds me in his arms, gently.
I gave him an offering of my tears.
I promised him a slice of birthday cake.
He provided a safe place to hide my thoughts for a while.

I said he could keep them, they were doing me no good.”

“We kissed so passionately her earring fell behind the bar.”

“It’s not about wondering if you’re up,
It’s about being the thought keeping you awake.”

“From the Law Offices of Mediocre & Fuckboy”

“We both know I am not going to die by choking, I am going to die by an anvil being dropped on my head.”

“We’re a junk drawer of reflexes and excuses,
of long roads devoid of hidden corners.”

“This weather should be illegal.
I keep riding escalators down into the subway only for the brief breeze,
For a momentary escape from the heat.”

“I have enough four-leaf-clovers that I can cure Kevin’s cancer, finish my novel, get it published, make it a NYT bestseller, and get it made into a popular television series. I have luck to burn, come here baby.

“Oh, how lovely the evening on the bridge,
After the lackluster ice cream shop is closed,
All the bikes have been locked up,
and the city is empty.

The swan bends her neck toward the stream of moonlight,
Climbing up the tower’s reflection.
Aren’t we both such vicious pretty things, so prepared to bite?

Here is another railing where I leaned, waiting for you to put your arms around me.
Here is another place you didn’t kiss me.”

“We are all just fools
Being reminded of other fools
Every time it rains.
We are just a series of embraces and cliches.”

“Our feet sitting outside and our bodies sitting inside,
So we’re halfway toward something, halfway home.
We can figure it out from here.”

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