Masks off.

And Ho! Hard-hearted poets, gather round! Hear my declaration: The era of mandatory masks has ended, and the age of full-faced public transit flirtation is upon us again! Gather ye round, fair (but well aged) maids and eager (salt-and-pepper-haired) lads. There’s matchmaking to do! Gather all your hopes, all the honed shards of your broken... Continue Reading →

Two Kisses We Never Talked About

My essay was published in the New York Times' Modern Love column. It was such an honor to have my piece given this incomparable platform, and so far the response has been amazing and overwhelming. This has been an absolute dream of a lifetime. You can read the article here:


Hello everyone! Thank you for all the love on the NYT article. I am working to respond to every email I got. A few people have messaged me that they are having issues subscribing through WordPress. If you are one of those people, please send me an email at from the email address you... Continue Reading →

Greetings from a Prize Winning Author

I have been completely insufferable for the last 24 hours because my work in progress “Murder at the Hotel Orient” just won the Blue Pencil Agency Pitch Prize! I have been referring to myself as “An award winning author” all day, in all kinds of contexts where it absolutely isn’t called for: “You should order... Continue Reading →

A Reckless Train of Misinformation, A Foggy Bloom of Trust, A Hushed Song of Fidelity.

I promised Wednesdays to the blog, I promised this month to the book, and my Sundays to a poetry course. I promised my heart and my body and the rosewater-inoculated burden of monogamy to a man, and I have been spending most of my evenings wrapped in his arms. It’s saved me a little money... Continue Reading →

I hope to spend my life doing something good, something big, but in the meanwhile I am happy to entertain a side project. Maybe good starts small. It might be that my (minor) purpose in life was to hang around for a while and teach you how to love recklessly. Teach you how to make... Continue Reading →

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