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  • Polite kisses, not enough to smudge my lipstick. A younger man with thin lips and a leather jacket. “Are you cold? You can have it. “ There’s enough romance in the city center at night, That it even gets under the skin of a guy who grew up here. There’s enough moonlight to go around….…

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  • Ours was the greatest love story ever told. It was never going to end well, it would have been too much. The universe needs some sort of balance, and two little people can’t going on sapping all the joy from it. But here I am, in the falling action of the fairy tale.  He returned……

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  • Telling someone I am a pastry chef can be pretty fun. Generally speaking, people like sugar. So generally speaking, when I tell people I deal in sugar, they are more prone to like me. Their face lights up and they say“Oh, how wonderful!”,and for a moment, I feel a bit magical. As if I am……

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  • I was meant to be on a first date, with the doctor. Cancelled at the last minute, rescheduled for tomorrow. I wish I could say I care, but I don’t. So, I am at home, all done up and with nothing to do. A storm arrived at 6 p.m. on the dot, banging the doors……

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  • Send me pictures while you are away. Of all this nature you long to return to. Of the things that make you miss the city. Show me the dirt you grew from, your well-trod paths, the back alleys frequented in your youth. Your most familiar patch of sunlight. I’d venture to guess that you have……

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  • I went looking for a muse in a crinkle-eyed architect with affection for hard white lines and poured cement. I stumbled across a red haired charmer studying data security who says she “mostly dates men”. I fell back into the safety of my husband who doesn’t live here anymore. At some point, I have to stop……

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  • This post is meant to be read while listening to this song: You know, when I moved here- it was the elevator that I really felt in love with. It’s bizarre, obviously custom, shoved into a corner. It’s triangular inside. It’s walled in glass on three sides, and you can see out the window into……

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  • I love rainy days, I do. I prefer thunderstorms. Actually, I love thunderstorms and I am neutral about plain old rain- it depends on the temperature. It depends on the company, the evening, the street cleaning and the neon reflecting and the particular awning one takes shelter under. The I’m just here for a burger……

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  • Notes from NaPoWriMo

    The prompt was about Lemons?

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