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  • He said, “You know in some cultures, all I have to do is hang my hammock next to yours, and we’d be married.” I replied, “In our culture, we are already legally married” “I’m just saying, I would hang my hammock next to yours” “That is the cutest thing ever, until we both clumsily fall……

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  • There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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  • Madame Chairwoman Alessandra presiding, let’s commence the meeting. First-order of business: Why isn’t he texting me? Any thoughts from the committee? Second-order of business: For the love of God, someone hold me. Third-order of business: I might need to get laid.

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  • Strawberry Moon

    The full “strawberry moon” is tomorrow, but someone in a group I am in said to go see it tonight. So I got out of bed and walked to the park to see it, it was too low in the sky for a view at first so I tried at a hotel I know here,……

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  • Happy Pride!

    I never touched a cigarette tonight but I smell like smoke and other women. How am I going to get you to kiss me tomorrow?How am I going to wash the scent of other men and women from my hair? How will I wash away the bruises of being pushed against the bar, against the……

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  • I have a recklessly stupid crush and it’s made me absolutely useless. Honestly, just take me out to pasture and shoot me: I am a horse with a broken leg. I am a rabid dog. I am beyond saving. My dad has this whole thing, where he says if he ever gets dementia or Alzheimer’s……

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  • Rather, it is a dark and stormy night in Wien, and what better time to break in my new Marilyn pen and a new journal that’s been sitting on my bookshelf, looking for a reason to be of use. What better way to do so than by candlelight, in the midst of a June thunderstorm,……

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  • A Reading

    This Thursday, June 2nd, I will be one of the featured performers for a pride month reading of poetry and storytelling at Vinzi Rast. The event is hosted by Hint. Wien and will have readings in English, German, and Hungarian Doors open at 18, the event is free, drinks are available on a pay-what-you-can basis….…

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  • Life is as ever full of adventure and affection and the adamant hearts of men who it seems would chase me all the way from Antwerp. You can tell a man likes you when he sends you a photo of the window view from his train. It means, I saw the horizon and thought of……

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  • I visited Zurich last week and found myself accidentally in love, with an old home. With its garden, actually. With the bench there, where I plan to spend the rest of my days sitting, writing. Sure, to be fair, the home, the castle, it’s in disrepair. The garden is overgrown, the basement full of ghosts……

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